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ZP-480 flow packing machine for hamburger and big bread with 150 bags per minute
1.Product introduction of ZP-480 horizontal wrapping machinery
The flow packaging machinery ZP-480 is invented for cake, hamburger, big bread and other product with tray. The machine is 304 stainless steel housing and equipped with flexible wheel.
2.Characteristics and structural features of ZP-480 horizontal packaging equipment
1.The pillow type packing machine is automatic detect and set bag length without manual setting.
2.The sealing machine with flexible structure, easy to maintain or change location. It improves machine long life span and hygienic.
3.Double transducer control with stepless speed shift and wide adjustment, It can match well with the former working procedure of production line; PLC is optional.
4.The heat sealing machine can monitor the whole procedure by précised sensors.
5.The heat sealing equipment is sealed by independent temperature, so the bags looks more beautiful and tighter.
6.Plastic wrapping machine bag size is changeable within a certain range.
7.Device for gas charging device and alcohol spray can be mounted
3.Technical parameters ZP-480 therrmoforming equipment
Machine ModelZP-480 horizontal packing machine
Packing speed35-180 bags/min
Packing materialPlastic film (OPP/CPP、PT/PE、KOP/CPP、ALU-FOIL)
Bag stylePillow type/fat pouch (3-side presealed)
Bag size (L*W*H)170-500mm,50-160mm,3-80mm
Film width180-450mm
Packing Dimension  (L*W*H)4000mm*950mm*1600mm
Heat power2.1kw
Motor power0.55+0.75kw
Total power3.4kw
Overall weight650kg
4.Application of ZP-480 horizontal wrapping machine
Applicable for packing various solid regular objects, such as packing pies, package cookies, packing biscuits, packing chocolate, packing candy, package medicine, package hardware and so on.
2)ZP-420 Soap packing machine ZP-420
3)Big bread flow packaging machine in Pakistan
Q:Can we add our local language on the touch screen?
A:Yes. Our packaging machinery has two standard language English and Chinese. If you want another language we can add as your request, but you need to help us with the translation.
Q:Could the touch screen on the flow wrapping machine show our company information?
A:Yes. You just offer the details to us, including your logo.Bakery Flow Packaging Machine supplier
website:http://www.china-packagemachine. ... -packaging-machine/


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