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Full Automatic Polyurethane Sealing Strip Casting Machine Free Sample









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Multifunction sealing trip casting machine is generally polyurethane material, mostly is automatic. Needs little manpower, adopting automated device, greatly improving the work efficiency, so that the casting speed has been greatly improved. Initial casting machine is manual operation, aerated concrete one, mainly used for building construction site seal. First prepare sealing material when operating. Most are in accordance with a certain proportion of the slurry injection, such as lime, cement, lime, gypsum, etc., after adding water, stirring, let it fully mixed, wait until the fusion reaction to produce. Do not let it hold too long, it will be promptly injected into the mold to be sealed box. Once cold, freezes, then, in terms of the strength or hardness have reached a maximum. So tightness is reached.
This type machine is sealing trip type casting machine, and it has the versatility, different from initial casting machine. It is according to the requirement to cast different shapes of polyurethane sealing trip in a plan or groove. Polyurethane seal surface is integral skin, not only smooth and elastic, toughness is also very good.Full Automatic Polyurethane Sealing Strip Casting Machine Free Sample
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